The all-in-one solution to manage the mobility of your employees

  • All services for business travel, the sustainable mobility package and the mobility credit
  • Reduction of administrative tasks
mobility 3.0
Payment card
physical and
100% eligible
Sustainable Mobility Package¹
Mobility credit² (in French)

Cost and issues

To contain your costs and meet the challenges of sustainable development, we offer an innovative solution for your employees and managers to combine :

  • The travel comfort of employees
  • Monitoring and control of costs mobility (TCM)
  • The overall reduction of the carbon footprint


For optimal efficiency, the Trip Keeper offer is based on a triptych:

  • A management platform
  • A mobile app
  • A payment card (physical and dematerialized)
Hand holding a smartphone showing the Optimum Mobility application on the "My Performance" interface

Mobility 3.0

From the requirement to the obvious!

Encouraged in France by the LOM, sustainable mobility is now an absolute necessity in which everyone must play an active role in order to deal with climate change.

The Trip Keeper solution allows companies and institutions to
to reduce the place of the individual car thanks to digital technology.

The ideal mobility solution for everyone!

For your company
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For your employees
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For the planet
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100% Eligible with the sustainable mobility package and the mobility credit

To support the transition of mobility in the workplace,
Legislative provisions provide for the granting of advantageous financial aid.


Tax-free budget

500€/year per employee

(or 600 € including the transport premium)
For commuting to work


Budget of

1 200 to 10 200€/year per employee

To compensate for the renunciation of the company car
(total or partial: switch to a smaller vehicle,
electric for example)